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Get a UK business cash account, credit card whilst earning rewards. No minimums.

Who are we?

NO PLACE is the all-in-one financial tool for startups. We provide startups with UK business bank account to safely deposit their funds, just like a high street bank. Your noplace account also includes a premium charge card which lets you spend worldwide. You can also create unlimited virtual cards and share them with your team whilst earning points.

NOPLACE Virtual Card

Earn Rewards

Earn points every time you spend on your card and redeem for rewards such as Crypto, Hotels, Airline Points and more.


Visa Platinum Cards

Get a Visa Platinum Credit card accepted by 99% of merchants worldwide and collect points on every purchase.

Protect Your Card Privacy

Protect your card details and your money by creating virtual cards at each place you spend online.

Set Your Spending Limits

Set limits to define how much you spend and stay in control of your expenses.

Close Cards Anytime

Close your cards anytime and anywhere, all from within our app.

Whitelist Merchants

Whitelist merchants, you frequently shop at to take advantage of non-intrusive 3DS.

Disposable Cards

Disposable cards allow you to regenerate a new card number after each online purchase to stay safe.